How would your church actually handle his resurrection?

I know Sunday was great, but would your church be able to handle Christ’s resurrection without advanced notice?

Would your church even have folks go to the graveyard and care for his broken body in the first place?

And who would you choose to send: those with the most impressive résumés or those at the other end of the social spectrum who died a little with him just a couple days earlier?

How would your church deal with him not being where he was “supposed” to?

How would you handle him just walking out of that tomb without so much as a quick text or note on the fridge?

Would anyone suspect it was the gardener, much less talk to him?

Would they obey if they Jesus told them to go into town and tell everyone that he’s alive, or would concerns about public perception hold them up?

Would they preach the good news of resurrection or talk only crucifixion, sin, and death ad nauseum to diminish you, shame you, and keep you in line?

How many hours and how many meetings would it take for you to pivot from a funeral to a party?

Would the motion to celebrate make it out of committee?

One thought on “How would your church actually handle his resurrection?

  1. Food for thought! Wow! Hope you and the family are hanging in there. We are always praying for you! Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Praying this disease can be cured!!!! Love you, CArolann and Vic


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