How would your church actually handle his resurrection?

I know Sunday was great, but would your church be able to handle Christ’s resurrection without advanced notice? Would your church even have folks go to the graveyard and care for his broken body in the first place? And who would you choose to send: those with the most impressive résumés or those at the […]

Whose Glory? The Tragedy Unfolding in the Diocese of Florida

Yesterday, the Court of Review of The Episcopal Church issued a report on the election of Charlie Holt to bishop of northeast Florida and events surrounding and contributing to the ongoing protest of his election. In true Anglican fashion, it’s highly-structured and has a got a chanting-the-psalter feel to it, with “These findings cast doubt […]

PC(USA) Ordination Exams: Now can we have THE talk?

Recently, many PCUSA seminarians sat for an exegesis ordination exam unlike any other I’ve ever heard about. For many, this exam was one of the last ecclesiastical hurdles to jump. For those of you who don’t know, PC(USA) ordination is a multi-year, multi-leg endurance race of classes, internships, verbal and written examinations, psychological evaluation, and […]

On Going Back

We can, and must, rebuild what was. Return to a time when it made sense. Pretend like this never even happened. Reset our “innocence” and ignorance. We have so many ways to describe the one thing we simply cannot do. Go back to the way things were, or at least the way we remember them. […]

Waiting Room

This is a ChattingReadingWritingLearningThinking PlanningWorryingHopingPrayingRestingLaughing CryingMourningCelebratingRoom.The one thing it’s not: a waiting room,because none of us have room to politely waiteven just one more second in this beautiful, broken world of ours.

The Holy Women

This is an interesting planet. It deserves all the attention you can give it. – M. Robinson, Gilead Instructions for living a life:Pay attention. Be astonished.Tell about it. – M. Oliver, “Sometimes” The holy women keep telling me to pay attention to this world around me, and within me. Poring over their words, it becomes […]